Just an Ordinary Man Trying to be an Extraordinary Dad

Our Mini Vacation to Splash Lagoon

We recently returned from a weekend visit to Splash Lagoon in Erie, Pennsylvania. We planned the trip figuring it would give us a brief time away from our crowded temporary home.  It also gave our in-laws a nice (albeit short)... Continue Reading →


We don’t NEED nearly as much as we WANT

Most people these days have a ton of stuff. They want everything and consequently get pretty much everything they can afford.  You might say it’s The American Way.  As much as we might not want to be a part of... Continue Reading →

“I wanna go home”

If you’ve been reading along at home you probably know that we are currently residing with my in-laws. We’ve been there a  little over a month now and it should be less than two months now until we are able... Continue Reading →

Should your spouse come first or your kids?

Should your spouse come first or your kids? I’ve read a couple of articles on this topic. Everyone seems to think your spouse should come first. My reaction: wait… what?! First off, I don’t think this is a cut and... Continue Reading →

A Healthier Man Makes a Better Dad

  This story begins last June. It was the day of my 36th birthday.  Ashley, the kids and I had a nice birthday dinner at my in-laws.  Ashley’s dad grilled some big juicy steaks and we had an ice cream... Continue Reading →

The Next Vin Diesel?

I replaced the rear tires on Charlotte’s Frozen Jeep in October. Charlotte got the jeep in May, for her second birthday. We knew it would be a little while before she drove it much, but Noah got his tractor when... Continue Reading →

Moving Is Frustrating

Moving sucks. It is a huge pain in the butt.  There are always complications, delays, and not enough boxes.  Let’s rewind for a minute and get you caught up to speed on our frustrating moving conundrum. Back in July I... Continue Reading →

The Highlight of My Work Day

There are plenty of people out there who can be defined by their job. These could be any type of occupation; it really just depends on the person. I’d say if it’s common among high paying jobs like doctors, lawyers,... Continue Reading →

“You worry too much”

Sometime last week I was hanging out with Noah in our play room. I can’t remember what he was actually doing, but something he did made me say “Be careful.” “You worry too much, Daddy,” Noah responded. There’s nothing like... Continue Reading →

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