Just an Ordinary Man Trying to be an Extraordinary Dad

Tis the Season for Fun Fall Festivals

Tis the Season for Fun Fall Festivals Is there a better season than autumn? That’s actually a rhetorical question. The answer is obviously no, there is no better season. I actually wrote about how fall is my favorite season last... Continue Reading →


We Booked Another Cruise (With Our Two Young Kids)

Cruising with two little ones can be a difficult endeavor. It is frustrating at times, but also fun and exciting. It’s certainly no relaxing vacation, though. In case you didn’t read my post from a few months ago, we previously... Continue Reading →

Beware the Mighty Steam Engine

It was unseasonably warm hot last Saturday in the Buffalo area. In fact, it got up to 80 degrees Fahrenheit. That’s ridiculously hot for an autumn day in Western New York. We wanted to enjoy the nice weather with our... Continue Reading →

A little Q & A with my kids

Kids can be very funny. Sometimes it’s on purpose, and sometimes by accident. I decided to sit down with my kids the other day to ask them some questions. I figured it would be amusing, and it was. All three... Continue Reading →

Could I hack it as a stay-at-home dad?

Sometimes I wonder how I’d be as a stay-at-home dad. My wife and I have talked about how nice it would be if one of us could stay home with our kids while they are young. Ashley took off a... Continue Reading →

The Chalk Crusher

Noah is now four years old. He’s a boy, so naturally, he likes to break things and make messes. He loves dumping his bins of toy cars onto the playroom floor. His reasoning: he was looking for a specific car... Continue Reading →

It’s true what they say about the first day of Pre-K… 

Noah just started Pre-K.  I took the day off from work so I could be there for Noah on his first day of school.  Ashley took Noah to the school one morning the previous week for a screening and to... Continue Reading →

They Call it “The Terrible Two’s” for a Reason

They Call it “The Terrible Two’s” for a Reason Charlotte turned two years old back in May. While she is truly at a fun and amazing age now, she can also be amazingly terrible. The “Terrible Two’s” are no joke.... Continue Reading →

A Tragedy Hits Close to Home

A terrible fire devastated a house in my neighborhood last month. It was on a street directly off of mine, right on the same block. There are less than fifteen houses between mine and the house that caught fire. We... Continue Reading →

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