Just an Ordinary Man Trying to be an Extraordinary Dad

My Little Girl is a two-year-old woman

Charlotte turned two in May. It’s crazy how fast these kids grow up.  I love watching Noah and Charlotte learn new things and continue to develop their personalities and interests.  The time really does fly by, though. Like I said,... Continue Reading →


The Wolf Train (I really envy my son’s imagination)

Sometimes I can’t help but marvel at some of the outlandish things my children say. They can be absolutely hilarious without trying. I am jealous of their creative imagination. However, sometimes the things they say make me wonder if they... Continue Reading →

Happy Anniversary to My Amazing Wife

My wife and I have been together for nearly seven years and have been married for five of them. Today is our anniversary. I mostly write about myself and my children in this blog, but I thought I’d write a... Continue Reading →

The Time I Lost Noah

Not knowing where your children are can be a very frightening experience. It sure was for me. It’s important to always know where your kids are and to keep a close eye on them. That’s definitely the case if you... Continue Reading →

“I Lived”

Are you familiar with the song, “I Lived”, by One Republic? I’m not a huge fan of the band, but I love that song. I think it’s very catchy, easy to sing along with, and has some solid lyrics with... Continue Reading →

7 Things I Learned the Day I Became a Dad

1. The love I felt towards my newborn son was unlike anything I had felt in my life. I loved my wife and I loved my family. I loved my dog, Yellowstone National Park, and the Buffalo Bills, too. But... Continue Reading →

My Love/Hate Relationship with the Erie County Fair

Before I discuss my feelings on the fair I should probably give a little background on the Erie County Fair, because it is not your average county fair. It is located in Hamburg, NY; about 4.5 miles southwest of New... Continue Reading →

Everyone Needs a Little Me-Time (Including Me)

I have always valued a little alone time. I certainly prefer spending time with my family, but I believe that a little me-time is needed from time to time. In the past I had spent a lot of time by... Continue Reading →

My Summer Bucket List – End of July Progress Report

The summer is already half over!  So, here's how we're doing on our Summer Bucket List so far.  I'd have to say we're doing quite well, with more than half of our items complete. 1. Go to Niagara Falls State... Continue Reading →

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