Just an Ordinary Man Trying to be an Extraordinary Dad

Roly Pollies

Have you ever been to Roly Pollies? The place is like heaven for an active and adventurous child. There are seven different locations across the country and two of them are located in Western New York. Roly Pollies is basically... Continue Reading →

Cruising With Two Small Children

I don’t know who came up with the bright idea to take two kids under the age of three on a cruise, but it wasn’t me.  I was initially pessimistic about the idea, but I’d be lying if I said... Continue Reading →

Chocolate Eggs

Noah has three loves in his life. In no particular order those are his disgusting blue blanket that he cuddles with and chews on for comfort. It smells horrific and I previously wrote about it. He equally loves his ride-on... Continue Reading →

Babies: The Ultimate Game Changer

My life changed the second Noah was born. That came as no surprise. I knew life as I knew it would be far different than anything I was used to; I just wasn’t exactly sure how different it would be.... Continue Reading →

Bowling Saves the Day

It was early Saturday morning and we had no real plans for the whole weekend. February was unseasonably warm in Western New York, but it started to cool back down a bit. So, we weren’t going to do anything outside,... Continue Reading →

He’s No Mia Hamm

A few weeks ago Ashley and I were randomly searching for any sports or activities that we could get Noah into. We happened to find a soccer club (run by the town recreation department) that was starting the following day.... Continue Reading →

My Daughter is an Elderly Woman

My grandmother lives in a nursing home. She is very active there and enjoys the many activities and programs that are offered. She is an impressive 93 years old. I have heard people say that when people are very old... Continue Reading →

The Secret Handshake

Recently Noah and I developed a secret handshake together. It’s very simple, but I also think it’s very awesome. I suppose it’s more the idea of sharing a “cool handshake” with my son that I really like. This is something... Continue Reading →

Noah’s First Funeral

Noah was lucky enough to have three great grandparents at birth. Ashley and I each had one grandmother remaining and Ashley also had one grandfather. Ashley’s grandpa Wayne lived with her parents since we started dating. He was 90 years... Continue Reading →

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