Charlotte turned two in May. It’s crazy how fast these kids grow up.  I love watching Noah and Charlotte learn new things and continue to develop their personalities and interests.  The time really does fly by, though.

Like I said, Charlotte is now two years old. Yet, she truly acts much older that that sometimes.  She has begun to develop many interests and traits that are more commonly associated with a mature woman.

First off, it can take her an hour to get dressed and ready for the day. This is because she has a lot of trouble deciding what to wear.  We typically let Charlotte choose what she will wear (at least if we are planning on being home for the day).  She’ll take a shirt out of her closet, and then pick out pants and socks.  Now that it’s hot out she’ll usually pick out a dress (sometimes several).  Ashley or I will put her clothes on and then she’ll change her mind and want something else on.  Sometimes she’ll change her mind five times before even putting one thing on.

Secondly, this girl is obsessed with shoes. She’s got these new sandals with flowers on them that she adores.  She’ll alternate between them and these new light-up Minnie Mouse sneakers.  She also has a couple pairs of slippers she likes and some dress-up shoes that are basically high heels.  Oftentimes she will put on one pair of shoes then take them off a minute later because she wants a different pair instead.  I’m pretty sure a lot of ladies have a lot of trouble deciding which pair of shoes to wear with their outfit.


How else is Charlotte a woman in a toddler’s body? She loves to accessorize!  We have some beaded necklaces (think Mardi Gras) she’ll put on.  She would much rather put hair ties and hair rubber bands on around her wrists than in her hair.  She also likes to wear other bracelets.  Sometimes she’ll wear a little princess tiara and she’ll be the first to tell you how pretty she looks.  Tell me you don’t know any girls like that.  I almost forgot, Charlotte also loves her sunglasses.  She’ll wear them outside and in the house (she also tends to put them on upside down).


Unsurprisingly, Charlotte also has an affinity for purses. She probably has about ten different kinds.  Her Minnie Mouse purse is probably her favorite, but she gives them all a turn.  It’s cute how she holds them, too.  She’ll hang the strap from the bend in her arm like a prim and proper lady on her way to high tea (my opinion).


She even likes to pretend to drink coffee like her mom. I don’t believe she has ever actually tasted it, though.  I don’t like coffee and at least at this age I doubt Charlotte would like it either.