The summer is already half over!  So, here’s how we’re doing on our Summer Bucket List so far.  I’d have to say we’re doing quite well, with more than half of our items complete.

1. Go to Niagara Falls State Park

2. Go to the Buffalo Zoo.  We recently went to the zoo. It was pretty hot out, but it was still a good time. Noah especially liked the gorillas. We also saw giraffes, elephants, lions, and more. The kids enjoyed the dinosaur dig, where they uncovered “dinosaur bones” and had fun on a playground.


3. Play miniature golf.  I took Noah to play mini golf. We both had a lot of fun doing that together. Noah refused to listen to any of my advice, so it usually took him about ten strokes to finish a hole, but that’s ok. I can proudly say that I was under par on the back nine! Noah liked watching the go carts race nearby, too.


4. Go to the library.  The kids have been to a couple of different libraries this summer.  They had been to the Orchard Park Library with their mom and grandma and I brought them to the Hamburg Library.  They enjoyed it there, but there are more toys at the Orchard Park one.


5. Go to Tifft Nature Preserve.  I took the kids to Tifft myself one day.  I wrote about it on my hiking blog.  We had a good time, but we did get lost for a little while.


6. Fly a kite

7. Go bowling

8. Go to Olcott.  We made it to Olcott Beach Carousel Park.  The kids went on all of the 25-cent rides they offer.  Charlotte didn’t like the mini ferris wheel, but they enjoyed all of the rest.


9. Ride on a train.  Technically I rode on the train with the kids.  When we were at the zoo I went on this little train ride with Noah and Charlotte.  We sat in the caboose together and probably rode in a circle for about 4 minutes.  We hope to take a ride on a real train, too, but it may have to wait.



10. Feed some ducks

11. Have a picnic in a park.  We had a nice picnic lunch in Chestnut Ridge Park.  We brought subs and snacks and spread out a blanket under a nice big tree.


12. Go to the Erie County Fair

13. Go to Canalside.  The kids loved Canalside in downtown Buffalo.  There is a huge sandbox with a big wooden boat in it and the kids could have played in that soft sand for hours.  We also walked along the boardwalk beside the water and checked out the little canals nearby.


14. Go to a beach.  We’ve been to a few beaches because our kids love playing in the sand.  They typically only like getting their feet wet in the lake, but they really enjoy the beach.  We went to Bennett Beach, Gallagher Beach, Sunset Bay, and the little beach at Green Lake.


15. Have a bonfire in the backyard.  I had a small fire with Noah in our yard one night.  He was more interested in dumping a bucket of water on the fire than relaxing beside it. (Oops, no photos for this one)

16. Go to Presque Isle State Park

17. Bring the kids’ Power Wheels cars to a park.  We brought Charlotte’s Frozen Jeep to Chestnut Ridge and Noah drove it around with his sister beside him.  They really enjoyed having so much space to drive and explore.


18. Go to a farm or petting zoo.  We took the kids through a small petting zoo area within the Buffalo Zoo.  Noah pet a sheep.  We’ll likely take them through the petting zoo at the Erie County Fair, too.  I don’t have a photo from them petting animals at the zoo, but here are a couple of Charlotte on a pony at the Eden Corn Festival.


19. Go kayaking

20. Have a 1-on-1 fun day with each kid