My new book, And Then There Were Two: A New Father’s Perspective, is nearly complete. It is currently undergoing the final round of editing and should be published sometime this fall. I have put a lot of time and effort into it; in fact, I have been working on this book for four years now. I began writing a couple of days after Noah’s birth and completed it after Charlotte celebrated her second birthday.

The book is a memoir, written in the same style as my blog. It is about how my life has changed since the arrival of my son. I chronicle many of Noah’s “firsts” as he grows up, ranging from his first night home to his first wedding attended. I wrote about finding out my wife was pregnant again and the eventual arrival of our baby girl. The book follows the emotional journey my kids have taken me on since Noah’s tumultuous arrival.

My book should make you laugh, cry, and reminisce about when your kids were little. It’s not a guide or a How-To book, but it should help new dads and those that are expecting their first child. You can learn from my mistakes and the few things that have worked.

I’ve posted parts of a few stories from my book on my blog. Those include Cruising With Two Small Children, Noah’s First Funeral, the Joys of Potty Training, and Babies: The Ultimate Game Changer. The book contains many other stories regarding the development and growth of my two little ones. I wrote a lot about Noah and Charlotte’s births, including the time leading up to them and immediately afterward. That will be helpful for those soon-to-be fathers wondering what to expect.

In the near future I will post a few passages from my book as a kind of preview. I plan on at least posting the Introduction, the Back Cover Description, and part of Noah’s birth story.