My son recently celebrated his 4th birthday. His birthday fell on a Saturday, so we had his party that day. We invited family and friends and had a great time. These were the 4 best things about the party:

1. The gifts can be fun for adults, too. I have certainly joined Noah in playing with his toys for a long time, but I don’t personally enjoy most of his toys. Sure his train table is pretty cool and it can be fun to build things with his blocks, but most toys at his age aren’t tons of fun for me. However, it looks like that is starting to change. He got a few toys that I have thoroughly enjoyed already. Noah and I have tested out all of his new toys and there are a few that I like nearly as much as he does. He got a cool foam rocket that you can shoot 100 feet into the air. You have to jump on what’s basically a bladder of air, which in turn fires the soft rocket into the air. That has been fun for the whole family. He has a ton of Hot Wheels cars and also a bunch of little monster trucks based on the cartoon show Blaze and the Monster Machines. He got a pretty cool playset to use with his Blaze trucks. We had fun with that together. He also got a remote control car, which is obviously super fun. It can supposedly drive on water, but we haven’t had a chance to test that out yet. He also got this Shark Bite game, where you press the shark’s teeth down with your finger and if you press a random one its mouth will bite down on your finger. That can definitely be fun for adults, too. He got some other good gifts, too, but those were the most fun for me.


2. The food. I love a party with good food. I think it’s one of the most important things. Therefore we had some delicious food at Noah’s party. We got BBQ pulled pork from BW’s Smokin’ Barrels Barbecue, which was awesome. I recommend everything I’ve had from BW’s. We also had some fried chicken, and a few family members made sides. Ashley made cheesy potatoes that were quickly devoured. People also made pasta broccoli, a taco salad, and a fruit salad. We also had a great cake from Wegmans. It had whipped cream frosting and was super good. They make the best cakes. I’m getting hungry just thinking about all this good food again.

3. Celebrating with friends and family. Of course it’s nice to have a lot of family and friends over. There’s always potential for a big party when it’s time for our children’s birthdays. We invite all of our family on both sides and several of our friends. Most of our closest friends have young children, so we love it when a bunch of kids can come and celebrate with Noah and Charlotte. Noah usually has fewer guests at his birthday parties because his birthday is in the summer and it’s typically a busy time for people. That’s ok though, Noah is not a big fan of crowds.

4. Watching Noah enjoy his big day. The best thing of all was seeing how much fun Noah had. This was a departure from previous birthdays. He used to be overwhelmed and shy when he was the center of attention, but he is definitely improving on that. He still doesn’t love having everyone look at him, but it didn’t stop him from blowing out the candles on his cake and opening his presents. He kept asking Ashley if it was time to open presents yet. He really enjoyed his gifts and he loved showcasing his driving skills on his tractor and Charlotte’s Frozen jeep (as usual). Nothing makes me happier than watching my kids smile and have fun. Both children had a lot of fun at Noah’s birthday party, which made it an amazing time for me, too.