That’s right folks, we are moving yet again. We’ve been at our current home about 3 ½ years and were in the house before that just about the same amount of time. We really plan on staying at our new house for a long time. To be fair, we also said that about the house we’re leaving.

Our children are a big factor in our move. We currently live on a very busy street. There are some quiet side streets behind our street, but I wouldn’t really say we are in a neighborhood where we are. There are also very few (if any) children nearby for our kids to play with. Our new house is in a neighborhood and there are already a bunch of little kids there. We are thrilled that there will be other children the same age as Noah and Charlotte.

New single-family homes on picturesque ½ acre + homesites are available at Willow Woods

It is a small development of only two streets with a total of 49 houses. That’s a nice size for me. It should see very minimal traffic, which will be a welcome change for us. The other great thing for our kids is there is a nice playground less than a half-mile away. The walk should take us less than ten minutes.

We closed on the sale of our current house a couple of weeks ago. However, our moving situation is a unique, complicated, and frustrating one. We are moving into a brand new development and the house we bought is the model home. We actually closed on the new house right after Christmas, but we can’t move in until most of the lots in the neighborhood are sold. So, we’re playing a bit of a waiting game. We pay the mortgage on our new house, but the developer needs to use it as a model and sales office so they rent it back from us. That works out ok, but we would really just like to move in at this point. There are about a dozen lots that are still available, and we should be able to move in once there are only a few left. So, the end is within sight, but we still have no certainty as to when it will happen.


Thankfully we are able to stay in our current home for a couple more months. We are hoping and praying that we will be able to move straight into the new house from our current one, but it is looking more and more likely that there won’t be quite enough lots sold in time. In that case we will likely have to move in with my In-laws temporarily. We all love our family, but we also know it would be cramped and crazy. So, if that does have to happen we are hoping it will be for a very short time. If that’s the case we will put most of our stuff in storage and just bring clothes and some toys to Ashley’s parents’ house.

So that whole situation is pretty frustrating at the moment. We drive through the new neighborhood periodically to check for sold signs on the lots. We have walked around there a few times with the kids and met some of the families that already moved in. Everyone has been very friendly and welcoming. They all ask if we have any updates or any idea when we will be able to move in. We just wish we could join them and our kids could make new friends and enjoy some nice weather in the new neighborhood before the Buffalo winter comes and we all go inside and hibernate for a few months.

We’ve been making plenty of plans for the new house. We’ve thought about decorating and where we will put what furniture. We plan on trying to make our house the prime hangout for the young kids in the neighborhood. We want to get a nice big swing set for the yard and might put a pool in next year. I also saw this video of a wooden playset custom built in a basement, and really want to try something like that in our big basement. I’m not exactly Tim “The Tool Man” Taylor, so we’ll see how that goes.


It’ll be strange for us to go from such an old house to a brand new build. Our current house is 190 years old. The new house was built last year. That’s a sizable difference. Our old home has a lot of character, but it requires a lot of maintenance and attention because of how old it is. And like I said, I’m no Al Borland, so it’s hard for me to keep up sometimes. It is a great house though, and if we didn’t happen across this great opportunity we probably would have stayed in our old house for a long time.

I’d like to finish by pleading my case. For those of you who live in Western New York, please consider building in our neighborhood. It’s a great area and the houses look fantastic. And it would really help us out! The development is called Willow Woods and it is off Taylor Road in Hamburg, right near Willow Bend Club and the Taylor Road Family Recreation Facility. It is located in the town of Hamburg, but just about a mile from the village. In fact, it’s less than a 20 minute walk to Mammoser’s Tavern (home to great wings and an excellent selection of craft beer). So please go see Tony or Jackie in our new house and go build your dream home (and help us move into ours). Thanks in advance.