It’s officially summer and kids are done with school for a couple of months. My kids aren’t old enough for school yet, but the fact that most schools around here just had their graduation ceremonies made me think about how Noah wrapped up preschool for the year in May.

We are so glad Noah started preschool this past year. He went to a program at the Hamburg Wesleyan Church. It was only two and a half hours per day, two days per week. I think it was very beneficial for him and I would recommend the program for everyone.

We had a couple of concerns for him when he first started. For one, he had to be potty trained and he learned just a few weeks before starting school. I think he only had one or two accidents over the course of the year, so that was pretty impressive.

He also wasn’t too much of a talker when he began school. He was seeing a speech teacher, who came to our house twice per week. Her name was Geannine and he really liked spending time with her. She really helped him catch up to where he should be at his age. When he started preschool he went down to one day per week with Geannine. We figured being at school with a teacher and a lot of other kids would help him improve his speech. We were right, it made a huge difference.

We also thought Noah could use the socialization that preschool would provide. He had never been in daycare and was mostly around adults and his baby sister. He played with some of our friends’ kids, but that was only occasional. We thought it would really be a good thing for Noah to spend more time with kids his age.

Noah’s generally been pretty shy around other kids. That’s starting to change now and I think preschool is a big reason why. Now I’ll see him approach other kids at a playground and ask what their name is. He’ll talk with them and even introduce himself sometimes. He’s come a long way.

Noah brought home crafts or pictures he made in preschool at least once per week, usually twice. He was always proud to show us what he did and we could tell how much he enjoyed that part of school.


It was hard to get too much more information from him about his day. We’d always ask him how his day went and what he did. He typically responded by saying he “Didn’t remember” or “Didn’t know.” He wasn’t even four years old, yet he was answering like a teenager would. He just wanted to play with Ashley and I when we got home from work, he didn’t want to tell us about his day at school. We learned to ask very pointed questions so that we could at least get a little information from him. We’d ask if he went to the gym that day and if so, what did they do there. Also, what was the snack and did he eat it (he usually didn’t). He always said he had a good day at school, just wouldn’t elaborate on why it was so good.

There was a concert and party at the end of the school year. Ashley and I brought Charlotte along with both sets of our parents. The kids made us snacks, which were very impressive. They added different foods to traditional ice cream cups to make it look like little gummy bears were lying on a sandy beach with an umbrella above them. It was creative and tasty.

There was a slideshow that showed all the kids in the class with photos of them from the beginning and end of the school year. Noah didn’t smile well for either picture. All of the kids got up on stage and performed several songs for their families. They had a couple of props and used different hand gestures to go along with the songs. They did much better than at their Christmas concert. Noah followed along well with the gestures and motions, but he didn’t look like he was singing too much. There was one girl who you could hear above the entire class. Charlotte was mesmerized by the singing children. She really liked Noah’s teachers, too, and said she wanted to be a teacher like them soon after seeing them. We took Noah’s photo with his teachers. He really enjoyed them and they had such great things to say about him, too.


As much as Noah liked preschool, he doesn’t seem to miss it in the summer. Although he did say he was hoping some of his preschool friends could come to his birthday party, but sadly we don’t have contact information for any of them. He did see a kid from his class at George’s Hot Dogs restaurant recently. They played on the playground there for a bit together. It was nice seeing him have fun and race around with an old friend that we had never seen him with before.

Earlier in the spring he saw someone else from preschool at a playground. I was at work, but Ashley was off for the day and brought the kids to the playground. They saw one of Noah’s teachers there with her child. Ashley said Noah was star struck. She said it was as if he was in complete shock that he could see his teacher somewhere besides at school. It was like seeing a celebrity.

Noah will begin preschool at a new school in September. This time he will go for a half day each day of the week. He keeps telling us he doesn’t want to ride the bus to school, but I’m thinking it may be asking too much of his grandparents to have them drive him every day. He’ll surely have another adjustment period, but based on how this past school year went I think he will grow to love his new school next fall.