Noah loves a lot of things these days. He just celebrated his 4th birthday and he’s at such a fun age right now. This is a list of ten of his most favorite things right now.

Noah Loves…

1. Driving his tractor and his sister’s new Frozen Jeep.

Noah absolutely loves driving ride-on toys. They need to at least have 12-volt batteries, too, because otherwise they are too slow for him. He got his tractor when he turned two, but it took him a couple of months before he learned how to drive it. Now he can do Fast & The Furious style drifts when he stops. It’s really pretty impressive watching him. Charlotte just turned two years old, so we figured she deserved a Power Wheels car, too. She picked out the Frozen Jeep. It’s nice because both our kids can fit in it together. Charlotte can’t drive yet, but Noah loves driving it and Charlotte like Noah driving her around.



2. His stinky blue blanket.

I wrote about Noah’s awful blanket before. He still loves it and cuddles with it, but I can say that he doesn’t seem to be nearly as dependent on it at this time. He likes it at bedtime, but carry it around as much at other times now.


3. Trains.

Noah loves trains. He’s been on a couple of trains (Polar Express and a special Thomas train). He has some little trains from the Chuggington cartoon. He has his train table, an older wooden trainset, a battery powered Christmas trainset, and a little battery powered Thomas set. He loves them all and likes to destroy the train table set and build his own designs for his trains.

4. The beach.

He loves playing in the sand.  He’ll use shovels, buckets, or whatever else he can find.  He’ll usually get his feet in the water, but that’s enough as far as he’s concerned.  He could spend hours happily playing on a nice sandy beach.


5. Grapes.

They are very few foods that he eats and enjoys. The food at the top of that list right now is grapes. They have to be green and cut in half.

6. Cartoons.

He likes a lot of cartoons, pretty much anything on Disney Jr. and Nick Jr. Handy Manny was his favorite for a while, but there haven’t been any new episodes on in forever. Lately he really likes Blaze and the Monster Machines, Doc McStuffins, Paw Patrol, and PJ Masks.

7. Milk.

Noah’s favorite drink, by far, is milk. He usually drinks normal 2% milk, but occasionally has chocolate milk, too.

8. Playgrounds.

He loves going to playgrounds. He refers to them by their color. We can walk to the green playground from our house and if we go for a long walk we can reach the red playground at a school. He likes climbing on them and going down slides. He recently spent a lot of time spinning around on a tire swing, too.

9. Chocolate Eggs.

I’ve previously written about his love of the Yowie Chocolate Eggs. He still loves them and gets them on most preschool days.


10. Berenstain Bears books.

Recently he got really into Berenstain Bear books. Ashley has a ton of them from when she was little. I remember reading a lot of them when I was little, too, so I think it’s pretty cool that he likes them now.

There are a lot of things that Noah loves and enjoys doing. This is a good list of what might be his Top Ten things he loves right now.