“I need some PEACE AND QUIET!”

It’s not me who declared “I need some peace and quiet!” Nope, that was my 3-year-old son, Noah. Sure, I agreed with him, I just didn’t shout it out like he did.

Noah can certainly make a whole lot of noise when he wants to. He talks loudly, he yells, stomps around like an elephant, and even plays loud. There have been countless times when Ashley and I have told him to be quieter. He can typically whisper for about two sentences and then he’s ridiculously loud again.

However, if things are loud and he’s not the one causing the noise he expects someone to make things quiet as soon as he desires it. If he’s not the noise culprit, you can bet it is his little sister. Charlotte can be just as loud as Noah.

Recently Noah has complained about the noise level around him several times. The way he does it is pretty amusing. The other night we were at Ashley’s parents’ house for dinner. Noah’s cousin Ava was there, too. So, Charlotte and Ava were playing loudly and running around. I asked Noah why he didn’t want to go play with the girls in the playroom. He said he wanted to just sit on a chair and get some peace and quiet.

Later, on our drive home, Charlotte was overtired and cried most of the way. Noah kept talking to her and trying to get her to stop crying. Charlotte refused and eventually Noah yelled out, “I need some peace and quiet.”

A few nights ago we were getting ready for bed and Noah took his grapes and milk into our walk-in closet and sat down inside. I asked why he didn’t want to sit on the bed with us. And what was his answer? You guessed it… “I want some peace and quiet.” I don’t think anyone was even making much noise that time.

I get it, though. I also crave peace and quiet like Noah. However, having two toddlers at home certainly limits the amount of peace and quiet I’m able to find. That’s why I cherish the hour or two I have to myself after everyone else goes to bed. I normally just go back downstairs and watch some TV, maybe fold the laundry, too; but I like the quiet. It helps me unwind before bed. So, maybe Noah gets that desire for peace and quiet from me. In fact, I think we may share a number of personality traits, but I’ll get to that in a future post.