We were all over at Ashley’s parents’ house the other night for dinner.  We noticed that their cat hadn’t been seen in a little while and figured it must have been outside exploring.  That happens from time to time, but she always returns within a day or so.  We were all a little curious as to where the cat was, but weren’t too alarmed at that point.

Meanwhile, Ashley’s mom was using some kind of cleaning spray and brought it into the living room where the rest of us (Ashley, me, Noah, Charlotte, and Ashley’s dad) were all sitting.  Noah then tells Ashley’s mom that if she sprays the cleaning spray outside by the door her cat will return.  We thought that was an interesting idea and asked why he thought that.  He replied by saying that it worked before with his cat.

That’s when things got a little interesting, because we have never actually owned a cat.

We all perked up by that comment and asked Noah what cat he was talking about.  He said he was talking about the cat he used to have.  We started asking a lot of questions then.

This is what we learned:

  • Noah’s cat’s name was Blah Blah
  • It was brown and black, with a black tail.  However, when we followed up about its color later, he said it was brown, black, and pink.
  • Noah had Blah Blah when he lived in his own tiny house in a garden.
  • He owned Blah Blah “a long time ago” and hasn’t seen Blah Blah in “a long time.”
  • He doesn’t know where Blah Blah is now, but figured it is living in the grass somewhere.
  • Charlotte was a little baby when he had Blah Blah (Charlotte just turned two in May)
  • Noelle (our 7-year-old dog) and Blah Blah were best friends.

Noah had an answer for every question we threw at him about this mysterious cat.  At one point Ashley’s dad spit out his drink based on one of Noah’s answers.

We asked Noah a couple of times if he was making it up or if his cat was real.  He said Blah Blah was real and that everything he was telling us was the truth.  If you watched the way he talked and thought of his answers, you could tell that he believed it was true.  When we asked him something he would sit there and think hard for a few seconds and then give us an answer.

I don’t know if he had some crazy dream that he thought was real or if he used to have a cat as an imaginary friend and never told us until now.  Whatever it was, we were very amused.  It was the highlight of my night.  I asked him the next day about Blah Blah and he stuck to his story.