Noah got his ride-on tractor (that he absolutely loves) when he turned two years old.  So, naturally we felt Charlotte deserved to get her own ride-on toy for her second birthday.  It took Noah a couple of months to figure out how to drive his tractor after his birthday and we figured Charlotte would be the same way, but that was alright with us.

We went to Toys ‘R Us the weekend before Charlotte’s birthday to let her pick out her new car.  We thought she’d want the Minnie Mouse convertible since she loved Mickey Mouse Clubhouse at the time.  We liked that pick because it had two seats so Charlotte and Noah could ride together.  Charlotte surprised us (slightly) by choosing the Frozen Jeep. Frozen was her favorite movie, so it wasn’t a big shock.  We liked her pick, too, because it had two seats like the Minnie car and it was on sale.

I put together the Power Wheels jeep the next day and we let the kids try it out.  Charlotte didn’t want to try driving yet, but she was perfectly content letting her big brother drive around the yard.  Noah loved it and drove it like a race car.  He easily steered the jeep between and around trees and other obstacles and could do drifts when he stopped, just like Vin Diesel in The Fast and the Furious movies.


The following Saturday we hosted about thirty guests for Charlotte’s birthday party.  Her birthday is in Mid-May, which makes it difficult to predict the weather in Western New York.  It can be anywhere from 45 degrees Fahrenheit to 75 degrees.

It was supposed to be fairly cool and rain on and off throughout the day, so we set everything up inside the house for the party.  So, of course the weather ended up being wonderful.  It was completely dry and ended up being over 60 degrees out.  As a result, the party ended up splitting fairly evenly between the house and the yard.  That’s always nice because the house doesn’t feel as crowded.

The surprisingly good weather was nice, but since I wasn’t expecting nice weather I kind of dropped the ball on one thing. Noah’s tractor and Charlotte’s jeep were not sufficiently charged.  There were several kids at the party and most of them wanted to try driving around the yard.  Sadly, both vehicles died early and often.  I would charge them for a short time and then let the kids drive them until they ran out of juice. Then I plugged them in again.


The ride-on toys, Thomas the Train rollercoaster, and swing set entertained the kids outside for the most part. We tried to make the party an easy, low maintenance endeavor.  We had people over at lunchtime and had pizza and wings there when people arrived.  That made for easy cleanup, too.

Charlotte had a great time at her party. She played inside and out.  She especially loved being around the few babies that were there.  She was so curious and kind with the babies.  She gently pet their hair, hugged them, and kissed them.


Charlotte ate some pizza and enjoyed her cake, too. She unsurprisingly focused on the frosting.  Meanwhile Noah had his usual, grapes and milk.  Noah had fun driving some of the young girls around in Charlotte’s new jeep (when the battery wasn’t dead).  A couple of the kids had never driven a Power Wheels car before, so it was pretty fun watching that.  They would drive into things, backwards, and all over the place.


Of course, Charlotte also got a lot of birthday presents. She got a playdoh set, a couple of babies and dolls, a bunch of princess dresses, and plenty more.  She loved to dress up like all the Disney princesses.  She also got a lot of clothes.  Unlike Noah, Charlotte actually got excited about the clothing she received.  She loved the colorful sundresses she got.  She enjoyed opening her gifts for a while, but then decided she had enough and went back to hugging and kissing one of the babies.  As much as she liked baby dolls, they couldn’t compare with the real live babies.