Charlotte just turned two years old last week.  I decided to go back in time a little ways for this post…

I’m always amused by just how different my two children are even at a young age. It seemed like Noah’s primary motivation for crawling and walking was electronics. He first crawled to a laptop computer and took his first steps to reach a cell phone. The driving force that got Charlotte moving was food.

Unlike Noah, our incredibly terrible eater, Charlotte loves food. She had six teeth by the time she was nine months old so we started introducing her to lots of different kinds of food. She’d still have baby food, but she started eating tiny bites of almost everything that we would eat. And she liked most everything she tried. Ashley and I were overjoyed; we had high hopes that at least one of our kids would be a good eater.

Charlotte started crawling when she was barely seven months old (two months faster than Noah) and she also began walking early. It was about three months later, in mid-March, when Charlotte took her first shaky steps. She was about ten and a half months old then. Noah took his first steps just before he turned a year old, but wasn’t really walking for another month. Charlotte didn’t take a break like Noah. Once she started walking she didn’t stop.

Oftentimes we would hold some kind of food in our hand (goldfish cracker, piece of bread, noodle, ice cream, cheerio and more) and Charlotte would stand up and walk right over. She loved to eat and if walking got her to the food faster than she went for it. Ice cream was probably her favorite; she’d walk across the whole house to reach that. She also walked around so that she could try to keep up with her active brother and she liked trying to catch Noelle.


Within a couple weeks of walking she basically decided to stop crawling altogether. It didn’t take her long to speed up her pace, too. She was born to run.


Once she was really moving throughout the house Charlotte seemed to become much more independent. She would often roam from one room to another even if we stayed in the first room. She would go and get a toy and bring it back or sometimes just go to the playroom and play on her own. I was impressed. At that time, Noah was two and a half years old, yet he rarely wanted to be out of our sight unless he was looking to get into trouble. In fact, it got to the point when it sometimes seemed like Charlotte was walking around more than Noah, because he would have a lot of “terrible two tantrums” where he would demand we pick him up and carry him around with us. That’s not to say that Charlotte never wanted to be held, she still napped on us all the time and if she was tired or cranky she preferred to be in our arms. Still, I felt her independence at the young age of eleven months was remarkable.