Ok people, I have a serious question… do all toddlers growl? I have two children who are currently toddlers.  Charlotte just turned two and Noah will turn four in a couple of months (so I think he still counts as a toddler).  I have heard both Noah and Charlotte make growling sounds recently.  I have to admit it’s a little strange.  They do it in two very different ways.

Noah utilizes the angry growl. It is a low guttural, fairly menacing growl for a three-year-old.  He doesn’t make this noise often, but when he does, it’s hard to miss.  It’s like “Was that Noah?”  When Noah really wants something or wants to do something, but we give him a firm “No” the growl comes out.  For example, he might ask for a chocolate egg.  I might reply by telling him that it’s not a preschool day so he can’t have one.  He’ll tell me he has “been good.”  I tell him again that he cannot have a chocolate egg.  Then, depending on his mood he could do one of three things.  He might quietly go around me and ask Ashley for a chocolate egg.  Or, he might get red in the face and start crying.  Or he could growl.  It doesn’t happen often, but I must admit I kind of enjoy hearing the growl.  He’s so pissed off, but I’m forced to cover my mouth so I don’t laugh at his ridiculousness.  It’s sort of a like a “grrrrrrrrr.”


Noah’s growl reminds me a little bit of Noelle’s growl. Noelle is normally the sweetest dog ever, but if it’s dark out or someone approaches our house that she doesn’t approve of, her demeanor changes to that of a mix of an attack dog and a dragon.  She will growl low and loud and accompany it with a loud and fiery bark.  It is far scarier than Noah’s growl.

Charlotte has a completely different growl. Hers recently made its first appearance.  It was early one morning when I heard her on the baby monitor.  I turned on the camera and saw her sitting up in her crib, so I went to her room to get her.  I walked in and said “Good morning Charlotte.”  She is typically quite polite, so she’d normally answer by saying “Good morning” back.  Sometimes she would answer by saying “Hi” or perhaps “Where’s Mommy?” or “Where’s Noah?”  Not this day, though.  Instead Charlotte responded to my greeting with a growl of her own.  It was short, a single syllable, and quiet.  I’m not sure of the best way to try to spell it.  Maybe “Grumph?”

I simply laughed when I heard it. I was like “What was that?”  Once Charlotte and I got to Ashley and Noah, I asked Charlotte to repeat what she said to me when I walked in.  She made her goofy little growl sound again and laughed.  We all laughed, which made Charlotte smile.  She likes to ham it up like that.


The next morning Ashley got Charlotte from her crib. She made that silly little sound again.  She wasn’t mad or upset like Noah is when he growls.  She was just having some fun.  We all enjoyed it.

So, back to my earlier question… do all toddlers growl? My children do it two completely different ways, but they’ve both got a little growl in them.