Here’s a list of ten of Charlottes favorite things. The list is ever-changing, in fact, I could probably update it just about every day. She just had her birthday, so here’s what our brand new two-year-old absolutely adores right now.

Charlotte Loves…

1. Princess dresses. Charlotte is obsessed with princess dresses. I blame her cousin, Ava, for that. They both love to get dressed up and play. They both have several princess dresses now. Charlotte got a bunch of dress-up clothes for her birthday.


2. Books. Charlotte just turned two, so it should not come as a surprise that she cannot read. She loves to look at and page through books though. She also loves being read to. She doesn’t really have a favorite book right now, she’ll page through just about anything.

3. Most food. Charlotte is such a good eater compared to Noah. She won’t eat everything, but she never has a problem finding something to eat. She likes a few kinds of fruit, plenty of drinks, and snacks, and she can find something for each meal of the day. Usually she’ll like at least one thing that we’re eating.

4. Playgrounds. She loves being outside and especially loves running around at playgrounds. She likes swings and seesaws and loves going down slides.

5. Minnie Mouse. She still likes Peppa Pig, which I wrote about in the past, but Minnie is now her favorite TV character. She loves watching Minnie on Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. I think she started to really like Minnie when we saw her in the parade in Disney World last January. She also has some clothing with Minnie on her and a few Minnie Mouse toys.

6. Falling asleep on people. Charlotte is a phenomenal sleeper at night. She consistently sleeps the entire night in her crib, without issue. However, she will not nap in her crib.  The only way she naps is if she falls asleep on someone (or sometimes in the car). Usually she’ll be on someone’s lap or in their arms on the La-Z-Boy recliner and she’ll fall asleep after rocking for a while.

7. Animals. This girl loves pets. She goes up to our dog Noelle and gives her hugs and pets her all the time. She is surprisingly gentle with her. She also pets my Ashley’s parents’ dog and is obsessed with their cat. She gives it hugs and basically uses it as a pillow.

8. Babies. Charlotte loves, loves, loves babies. She’s a big fan of baby dolls, and has several. But, she likes real babies even more. She actually stopped opening presents at her birthday party so she could hug and kiss the babies there again. She is very gentle and caring with them. I’m very impressed and it is incredibly cute how they interact.

9. Purses. She has recently become a pretty big fan of purses and bags. She has a lot of different kinds of bags. She likes to have them hang from the bend of her arm inside her elbow instead of over the shoulder. She likes her Frozen and Minnie Mouse purses and even has a dog purse.


10. Frozen. I previously blogged about Charlotte’s love of Frozen. She is still pretty obsessed with the movie and watches it a few times per week. She has a number of Frozen toys and clothes now.

There are several other things that Charlotte loves, but I think this is a pretty good start. I think these could be her Top Ten Favorite Things right now.