Have you ever been to Roly Pollies? The place is like heaven for an active and adventurous child. There are seven different locations across the country and two of them are located in Western New York.

Roly Pollies is basically a big gym with a bunch of different fun things for kids to use and enjoy. The place can be pretty loud and wild with kids going crazy all over. It is also a lot of fun. There is a large bounce house with a big slide, a long trampoline, balance beams, a small rock wall, a big foam pit with a cargo net and rope swing, and much more.

There are a lot of fun classes offered for different age groups. Noah was in one a couple of years ago. There is also Open Play, which is when you can bring your young kids to play and they can do whatever they want. They just charge $10 for the first hour and $5/hour after that. The only problem is Open Play is only offered weekday afternoons from 1-4.

Ashley has an administrative job in City Hall for Buffalo Public Schools and she is lucky enough to be off work for school breaks. So she was recently off for the whole week before Easter and the following Monday. I have a county job, but I only get off the Friday before Easter. The weather was generally pretty good that week, so Ashley was able to spend a lot of time outside with the kids. I wanted to enjoy a little extra family fun time, so I left work early one day. We decided we would take the kids to Roly Pollies for an hour during Open Play. I chose the one rainy day of the week, so we wouldn’t be missing anything fun outside.

I got home around 1:30 p.m. Ashley had the kids ready to go, so once I changed my clothes we hit the road. Noah rarely takes nap at this age, but Charlotte takes one nearly every day. We were heading to Roly Pollies right around her typical nap time, but we didn’t really have a choice because of the time I was able to leave work. It’s only about a fifteen minute drive to Roly Pollies’ Orchard Park location, but of course Charlotte fell asleep a couple minutes after we left our house.

We decided to stick to our plan and just wake Charlotte when we got there. We figured she’d have a great time playing and would hopefully nap later. So once we arrived we woke Charlotte and brought the kids in. They hadn’t been there in around a year, but we figured they were both at good ages now to really enjoy themselves. Charlotte is far more outgoing than Noah so I thought they might be equally adventurous there even though Noah is almost two years older.

I thought Charlotte would wake right up and want to go crazy once we were inside the gym, but I was wrong. She was still very tired and wanted to be held for a while. Noah, on the other hand, was a little more daring than I expected. He found what he liked and stuck with it. He spent a lot of time on the long trampoline. He basically got on, then ran across the entire thing and jumped off the end onto the big soft pad. Most kids hopped and bounced more on the way to the end, but Noah was all about speed. He ran as fast as he could and loved it. He was smiling and soon very sweaty.

Noah moved on to a couple of other stations, but he kept going back to the trampoline after a few minutes. He walked on the lowest of the balance beams and hung from some exercise rings. After a considerable amount of coaxing he joined me in the foam pit, too.

It probably took Charlotte around twenty minutes or so, but she finally started to have some fun, too. I get it; I wouldn’t like being woken up after a mere ten minute nap either. She loved the bounce house slide, went on the mini-roller coaster (like the Thomas coaster we have at home) and spent a little time on the trampoline. She went in the foam pit with me for more time than Noah and really enjoyed dropping off the rope into the foam. It’s just too bad it took her so long to start enjoying herself.

By the time our hour was up, there wasn’t enough time for us to stick around for a second hour. Noah and Charlotte were having a lot of fun, so it was too bad we had to leave. The kids were not pleased. However, we were able to sweeten the deal. Yotality is located in the same plaza. We walked over to Yotality and got our sweaty children some frozen yogurt to wrap up our fun afternoon. It was much more fun than spending the last two hours of my work day sitting at my desk.