Noah has three loves in his life. In no particular order those are his disgusting blue blanket that he cuddles with and chews on for comfort. It smells horrific and I previously wrote about it. He equally loves his ride-on tractor. He is very good at driving it and maneuvering it through the yard and up and down our long driveway. He can even do those crazy drifts like in Fast & Furious: Tokyo Drift (that’s the one nobody saw). The third thing that Noah loves like crazy is these strange chocolate eggs.


These aren’t normal chocolate eggs you might find in an Easter basket. These are thin chocolate egg shells wrapped in foil. Underneath the layer of chocolate is a plastic container. Inside the container is a small toy. Normally the toys are small animals, occasionally they are Yowie characters. The toys come with a small informational paper regarding the toy. For instance, it might state whether the animal is endangered or not, where it lives, and a couple of interesting facts about it. The eggs (made by Yowie) are probably about three inches tall.

I don’t know when Noah had his first Yowie chocolate egg, but he has been hooked ever since. We mostly buy them at Wal-Mart for two dollars and some change. We tell him he can get one if he’s good in preschool. So, as soon as we get home from work on Tuesdays and Thursdays he greets us at the door he tells us he’s been good and asks for his chocolate egg. If he goes grocery shopping with me I’ll usually tell him he can get a chocolate egg if he is good the whole time we’re at the store. The reward normally does a very good job of motivating him to behave.

Sometimes Noah goes a little chocolate egg crazy. He might say he’s good an hour after waking up and beg for an egg. Or he’ll say the only thing he wants to do on a Saturday is “get a chocolate egg.”

This kid has had so many chocolate eggs it is ridiculous. Our playroom was overflowing with little animals he had gotten inside his eggs. There have been multiple times when Ashley and I have thrown out many of his tiny toys. He gets really excited to see what is inside his egg, but then he rarely plays with the toys much afterward. He’s also gotten many of the same animals over and over again. He’s always a little disappointed when that happens.

Sure, we realize chocolate eggs aren’t the greatest thing to feed to a toddler. But it’s probably less chocolate than there is in a single Hershey’s candy bar. It’s a good reward for him and it surely makes him happy.

This is a small sample of the figures he has found inside chocolate eggs