My life changed the second Noah was born. That came as no surprise. I knew life as I knew it would be far different than anything I was used to; I just wasn’t exactly sure how different it would be.

Anyone that tells you their life really didn’t change much after having kids is either a liar or a terrible parent. Every single day since the birth of my son has revolved around him. That is even truer for my wife. And we wouldn’t have it any other way.

When Noah was just a newborn he slept a lot, but he would wake us up multiple times in the night. That happened all over again with Charlotte. Once our children could sleep through the night again, so could we. Yet their naps continued to influence any plans we might try to make during the day. Some people might make their children skip their naps on occasion if they have something going on. We rarely did that, because (for us at least) that normally ruined Noah’s day and then our day as a result. A very tired and cranky baby can easily derail any plans that make you skip the nap in the first place.

All children and parents are obviously different. So, I’m sure some kids can nap anywhere and function fine without a nap. That was not our kids though.


We rarely went out to dinner or got together with friends without bringing our kids along. There were two big reasons for that. First off, we want to spend as much time with our kids as possible, especially if we were at work all day. Second, at least when our kids were very young, we only used our parents as babysitters because Noah had a serious case of stranger danger. Our parents were our childcare providers while we worked so we tried to really limit using them at other times. We didn’t want to burn out our daycare providers.

We preferred to go to places and restaurants that were kid-friendly so there wouldn’t be an issue in the first place. So, I guess when I think about it, our kids ruled our lives. I’m hoping to regain control once they are a little older. We certainly aren’t perfect parents, but I don’t actually think those exist.

It’s not just what we do that revolves around our children. I now think differently. Noah and Charlotte consume my thoughts. I constantly worry about them and what they might be getting into. Whenever my parents babysit I make sure to call to check in on them. Whenever Noah or Charlotte gets hurt and I’m not there I feel terrible, because I wasn’t there to prevent it. When they are in pain and cry it breaks my heart. When they laugh and smile I am filled with joy.

Noah and Charlotte surely made our lives more crazy and interesting. Things certainly get difficult at times, too. I probably question my sanity at least twice per day. That’s alright though; I wouldn’t trade these kids and my life for anything.