My grandmother lives in a nursing home. She is very active there and enjoys the many activities and programs that are offered. She is an impressive 93 years old. I have heard people say that when people are very old they share similarities with babies in a sort of cycle of life. They have to be supported and taken care of like when they were young. They likely need assistance when it comes to preparing meals, possibly getting dressed, and even using the bathroom. In those ways they share some (but obviously not all) traits with a young child.

My daughter Charlotte turned 20 months old in January. She is a young toddler that exhibits several traits that I would say are a little more commonly associated with an elderly woman. For starters, my little princess absolutely loves rocking chairs. I know it’s not unusual for a baby to like being rocked, but Charlotte takes it to another level. She likes to sit with people in rocking chairs and sometimes can be rocked to sleep. She also has her own small rocking chair. She sits in that often. Sometimes she’ll watch her favorite cartoons from her chair, other times she’ll just sit and peacefully rock for a few minutes. And sometimes she doesn’t rock peacefully at all. She has managed to turn rocking in her chair into a sort of sport. She has rocked so hard and fast that she has flipped backwards a couple of times (and the chair is built specifically to avoid that from happening).


In addition to being a huge fan of rocking chairs (like many older women) Charlotte heartily enjoys puzzles, coloring, and reading. She has a lot of puzzles that she enjoys working on. She does pretty well for her age, but I admit she has not moved on to Sudoku or crossword puzzles yet. Coloring with pretty much any type of writing utensil may actually be her favorite activity at this age. She likes crayons, pens, pencils, and especially markers. She likes to draw on paper and a dry erase board we have in the playroom. Her hands typically end up covered in marker. Sometimes she gets some on the wall, too. And I don’t really understand it, but oftentimes she’ll get a little on her face. Apparently coloring books for adults have recently become a big thing, so I guess coloring can be another similarity with middle-aged women. Like I said, Charlotte is under the age of two, so she certainly cannot read yet. However, she really likes books. She enjoys being read to, but she’ll also sit down and page through books on her own. Sometimes she’ll do it in her rocking chair.




But wait, the similarities don’t end there. Charlotte also likes baths and naps. Her older brother, Noah, doesn’t particularly enjoy either of those things anymore. Charlotte is usually happy in the tub, smiling and splashing away. She also takes a nap every day. She is very snuggly and cuddly at nap time. In fact, it is incredibly difficult to get her to fall asleep and stay asleep for her nap if she isn’t on top of you. Setting her down in the crib or on a blanket rarely succeeds. It’s strange, too, because at night we can put Charlotte in her crib when she’s still awake without a problem.



So, there you have it. Several examples of why my baby girl reminds me of an elderly woman.