So, apparently this Disney movie Frozen is a pretty big deal. I know I know, my family is a little late to the party on this one. The movie was released in November of 2013. Noah was all of four months old at the time, so I think it’s fair that he wasn’t all that interested in the movie at the time. Charlotte wasn’t born for another year and a half, so she has an even better excuse.

Noah and Charlotte’s cousin Ava has been obsessed with Frozen for a while. As a result, our children had been casually introduced to Frozen and Elsa. On more than one occasion Noah, Charlotte, and Ava danced around in circles singing (yelling) “Let it go.” That was the extent of their interest in the movie for quite some time.

Then, a couple months ago my kids suddenly became very interested in the phenomenon known as Frozen. Soon they became enamored with the movie, before officially becoming obsessed. I’m not really sure what brought on the change. Regardless of what it was, they now love Frozen. They request to watch it nearly every day. One day they watched the movie twice from start to finish.


My kids, especially Charlotte, have begun to stockpile Frozen merchandise. She’s got a few little figurines, books, and even pajamas. She also just got a large Barbie-like Anna that sings “For the first time in forever” over and over again. Charlotte will shout “Frozen” or “Elsa” when she wants to watch the movie. She’ll do the same if she sees an advertisement in the newspaper or a TV commercial for anything Frozen related.

You’d think I’d hate Frozen by now, but strangely I don’t. I certainly don’t want to watch it every day, but I do find it entertaining. I haven’t watched too many cartoon movies in the last 25 years, but I’m pretty sure that’s going to change now. I’d put Frozen right up there with the best Disney movies.

My big complaint with Frozen is about Elsa. Why does everyone love Elsa so much? Anna is the true star. I liked Kristen Bell a lot in Forgetting Sarah Marshall and I think she did a great job in Frozen, too. She made the character funny, interesting, and quirky. At least I think so. Sven and Olaf are also pretty cool. That’s all I have to say on that. I’m pretty sure one paragraph is the most space I can get away with praising Frozen.


My guess is I’ll get pretty sick of Frozen in the near future. At least that’ll be the case if my kids continue to be so obsessed with it. I’m just glad they love a decent Disney movie and not Barney or SpongeBob SquarePants. Then again, Charlotte is also obsessed with Peppa Pig, which is a ridiculous cartoon. I’ll save that for another day, though.