My daughter Charlotte, now 20 months old, is just like my wife.  You’d think they were twins if Charlotte was taller.  They don’t just look alike though, they act the same.  Even at this young age, I can see so much of Ashley in our baby girl.


When you have a baby you will surely have people say things like “She has your eyes,” or “She has her nose,” or perhaps “he has your beard.”  I’ve never been good at that game.  My general opinion of a newborn is “she looks like a baby.”  Others will diagnose every little feature on your baby’s face.  Despite the fact that I am typically terrible at telling who a baby looks most like, even I have been able to tell that Charlotte resembled Ashley since the beginning.

More than one thing like her eyes, nose, or mouth; I feel like it’s the complete package.  Even the shapes of their faces are similar.  In fact, I guess it’s everything.  Her eyes, nose, mouth, and cheeks, those are all from Ashley.  I’m not sure Charlotte has anything of mine (besides some of my money).

My wife and daughter also share similar expressions.  I think they smile the same and will give you the same amused look with their eyes.  I’m not certain, but they probably even burp the same.

Like I said before, they also act alike.  Ashley doesn’t nap nearly as often as Charlotte, but they certainly share some personality traits.  They are both big time entertainers and relish being the center of attention.  Ashley loves to brag about joining the cruise ship entertainers as a kid and being the star of Mary Poppins as kid in 4th grade.  Charlotte is just like that.  She loves to sing (mostly yells “Let it go” over and over) while spinning around in circles.  She will also dance to any music that’s playing.  They are both incredibly friendly and kind.  Charlotte goes up to toddlers she doesn’t know and hugs them.  She does the same to cats and dogs (thankfully there have been no incidents so far).  She says “Love you” in the sweetest way possible and gives phenomenal hugs.  Charlotte also says “thank you” almost every time she is given something and she will say hello to random people in stores.  Remember, she’s about 20 months old.

Ashley and Charlotte both love to laugh and are perhaps their own best audience.  They each gleefully laugh at their own antics.  They are both extroverted and like to talk.  Ashley can talk to anyone about anything for as long as she wants.  I think Charlotte is going to be just like that.  Noah and I are the opposite.

They both also love to clean.  Noah loves making messes.  Charlotte does to an extent, but she’s generally much better at cleaning them up, despite being half his age.  She’s good at picking things up, but that’s not all.  Give the girl a napkin or dish towel and she’ll wipe down everything in sight.  They both like going to bed early.  Charlotte usually turns in between 7:30 and 8:00, Ashley is typically asleep before 9:00.

It’s really quite impressive how much Charlotte is like Ashley.  I think Noah and I have some similarities, but nothing like the girls in our family.