Noah has been attending preschool since September. It’s only for two days per week, two and a half hours per day. We have been extremely lucky with having family members being able to provide childcare for our kids, so neither of them has ever been in daycare. As a result, they haven’t had a ton of time around other children, mostly just with their cousins and our friends’ kids. So, we were excited for Noah to be able to start going to preschool. He would surely learn valuable skills from his teachers, but maybe most importantly he would be around a lot of other kids.

No matter who drops Noah off at his classroom in the church, he cries when he first goes into the room. He is the only kid that does it, but he’s still not used to being away from his family. Thankfully, he never cries for long anymore and comes away enjoying his time at school. He always says he had a good day at school.

When we first went to Noah’s preschool orientation we found out that there would be a winter concert performed by all of the preschool classes in early December. The past few weeks Noah has been telling us that they have been practicing songs for the upcoming concert. Yet, he absolutely refused to sing the songs for us, saying we had to wait until his concert to hear them.

Everyone was pretty excited when the day of the concert finally came, except for Noah. He really didn’t want to change into his nice clothes and did not want to go to preschool for the concert. It took a while, but we got Noah dressed and back to a fairly good mood.

It was dark and raining the night of the concert. We all got bundled up and covered our heads with hoods to stay dry. Once we got to the church we brought Noah to his classroom. Ashley went in with him for a couple of minutes before leaving. Noah really wanted her to stay and started to get pretty emotional. It looked like he was about to cry when she walked out, but I think his teacher managed to quickly calm him down.

Ashley and I met up with my parents, her parents, and Noah’s godparents before the start of the concert. Charlotte wanted to sit with her cousin for the show, so we let her stay with her aunt and uncle while we sat in the second row awaiting the start. I was excited to see Noah up on stage, but I was equally worried. I was afraid he would see me and Ashley and start crying or run right to us.

Within a few minutes the teachers ushered their students onto the stage. There were four or five classes full of three and four year old kids. There had to be at least sixty kids on stage. I expected pure chaos. The teachers did a real good job keeping the youngsters in check (for the most part).

All of the kids sang the “Reindeer Pokey” together to start the concert. We were very impressed with Noah up there. You could see he was singing along and doing a good job with the accompanying motions, too. In fact, most kids were doing pretty well. After that song was over each class took a turn singing a song. Noah appeared to sing along again for his song. Sometimes he even tried to do some of the hand motions the kids in the other classes did when they were singing their songs.

I took a lot of photos using the telephoto lens on my camera to focus in on Noah and Ashley took a video with her phone. Once I put down my camera I noticed the concert had become just as entertaining as I expected. There were a couple of little girls spinning around in their spots. One little boy just started yelling things. A boy right in front of Noah kept started walking off the stage when his twin brother would grab him and sit him back down next to him.

The large audience of family and friends heartily enjoyed the concert. People laughed and clapped and the kids on stage clapped for themselves as well. We met up with Noah soon after they left the stage and he was thrilled to see us. I told him he did great and how proud of him I was. He smiled and said he knew he did well.

All in all, I was very impressed with how Noah performed on stage and had a great time at his concert. I am equally impressed by the job the teachers did. I can’t imagine how they managed to get the kids to learn and perform so well. The concert was equal parts humorous and entertaining.