So, here’s another example of just how different my children are. You might not think the way that your child jumps off a bed would tell you much about their personality. And it might not for most kids. But for my kids it’s just another example of how different these two kids are from each other.

Sometimes the kids and I will hangout for a bit and jump around or play on my big bed. It might not be the most constructive idea or the best way to spend our time, but we have fun together. Noah likes to build little forts with all the pillows and hide under them. They’ll both jump around on top of the bed, and sometimes I’ll kneel next to the bed and let them take turns “jumping” off the bed to me. Again, they each do this in their own way, which reflects a lot about their personality.

I’ll start with Noah, my first born, who is almost three and a half now. He starts by slowly approaching the edge of the bed. Then Noah sits on the edge with his legs dangling and reaches his arms out toward me. I then reach up toward him and he slowly slides off the bed into my arms. He typically allows about 3 to 4 inches between him and me before he is in my arms.

Then there’s crazy Charlotte. Charlotte hops up and down on the bed and then walks right off the edge of the bed. I catch her and she laughs and smiles and wants to do it over and over again. She walks right off the edge with reckless abandon, not a care in the world. I don’t know if she feels a rush, fully trusts I will catch her, or is just a little wild and crazy. That’s so Charlotte. She may only be 19 months old, but she already has an adventurous, carefree, fun loving personality.

As demonstrated by how Noah “jumps” off the bed, he is far more cautious and calculating. He doesn’t like taking risks and will actually tell us to “be careful” on occasion. This is just one example of the differences between my kids. I find it very telling, though. It definitely reflects which kid is the wild one and which is going to be careful. However, they are both less than four years old so there is plenty of time for their personalities to continue to evolve and change.