My wife and I love that Noah is going to preschool now. I really think he is getting a lot out of it. I’m sure socializing with other kids is helping him continue to develop and his teachers seem very devoted to the kids. I think he’s been learning a lot and his discipline has improved. He has also brought home plenty of art projects and crafts and I’m sure he has fun in there. The concert they just put on was great, too.

A few of Noah’s crafts from school

But you know what else he has gotten out of school? Sick. He has gotten sick from preschool a lot! We knew he was bound to get sick more, since he had never been to daycare before. But it seems like he has gotten a cold ten times since starting school in September. He comes home sick and usually gets his little sister sick, too. I know preschool is definitely helping him more than it is harming him, but this is a little extreme. He has already missed four days of preschool and he only goes twice per week.


I know being around a bunch of little kids who insist on getting my son sick all the time is good in the long run. It will certainly help build up his immune system and hopefully he won’t be sick as often in years to come as a result. Still, it’s a little annoying. Charlotte is only 19 months old now, so I’m hoping that if Noah gets her sick then she won’t have this same problem when she starts preschool in two years. Time will tell.

I know I know; it’s not that bad. Noah usually just has a little cold or cough, but it brings him down. Seeing my children sick or in pain hurts me as much as it does them. I just want to take care of them and make them better. Noah’s funny about it, too. He normally does not like admitting he’s sick. He always says he feels good. His forehead will feel warm and snot will be leaking out his nose or he’ll have one of those loud barking coughs, yet he’ll insist he feels fine. So, on those rare instances when he admits to feeling sick and says he is too sick to go to school I know he’s really hurting.


I’m still glad he’s in school and learning and doing well. However, I am considering mailing a Christmas card to his preschool stating “Thanks for making my son sick all the time.”