The Joys of Potty Training

Potty Training can take a lot of time. It is usually a difficult task, but sometimes kids take to it easily, as long as it’s on their time and they’re interested in it. People generally say not to push your child on using the bathroom. They say that if they’re not ready it won’t work and that if you force them it’s going to be an awful experience for everyone involved.

We first tried to introduce Noah to his little potty shortly before his sister was born. He wasn’t ready yet and had virtually no interest in using the potty at that time.

Several months later he was occasionally using his potty, but never with any consistency. Then his third birthday came and went. We already had him signed up to start a preschool program in the Fall. It would only be two days per week, two and a half hours a day, but he was supposed to be potty trained for it. I was getting pretty concerned about that after his birthday passed in early July.

The day after we got back from our Adirondack vacation in late July everything changed. We asked Noah if he wanted to use the potty and he said “yes.” He then used it again a little later on. He loved the chocolate that we had on our trip for s’mores so we gave him some of that whenever he used his potty. Within an hour or two we went all in. He was roaming naked throughout the house. We asked him if he had to pee or poop every ten minutes or so. He got noticeably frustrated by us badgering him so often, but it seemed to be working. I think he only had one accident that first day. Before bed we put a diaper on him, because we knew it would be a while before he could survive overnight without one. We were very pleased with his first day and hoped he would continue well the next day.


He woke up the next day and thankfully continued doing a great job, but that’s not to say there weren’t some hiccups along the way. Later that morning, Noah was in the bathroom with Ashley, Charlotte was in the playroom, and I was cleaning up the kitchen after breakfast.

Noah peed in the potty and was celebrating with Ashley. Before Ashley realized Charlotte had even entered the bathroom Charlotte reached into little potty and spilled the urine onto the floor. Then I came into the bathroom to help out and took Noah to the kitchen to get him some chocolate. Meanwhile, Charlotte slipped on the urine-soaked floor and fell right in it. Her clothes and hair were covered with pee. She was screaming. Ashley picked her up and started to calm her down. She got her into the bathtub to clean her up while I brought some cleaning supplies for the floor.

That’s when I walked past the playroom and saw that Noah just pooped on the carpet in the middle of the room. Both of our kids were filthy, the house smelled like a sewer, and all Ashley and I could do was laugh. If we hadn’t witnessed the events that took place we wouldn’t have believed it ourselves. By the time Ashley had both kids bathed I had both floors clean. After that he got pretty good at pooping in his potty.

However, a few days later, Noah decided he had to poop when he was outside, playing on our patio. He quickly took off his shorts and underwear and pooped right there on the patio. I asked him, “What happened? Why didn’t you say you had to poop or just come inside to use the potty?” He just said he wanted to poop outside. He didn’t get any on his clothes and meant to do it there, so we don’t count that one as an accident, but we told him not to do that again.

He did very well after that. He had the occasional accident, but most days he didn’t have any. He even did a pretty good job of peeing in real toilets when not at home (although he needs to work on his aim). It may have taken a while to get going, but I’d have to say he did better than I expected. Ashley and I are both very proud of him.