When you have a newborn baby you pay close attention to their every move. You want to watch them as they reach every one of their little milestones. First you get excited when they make eye contact with you and hold your finger, then it’s that cute little smile that makes you gush over your little baby. Soon they are “cooing” and making delightful little noising. Next up they are starting to get more neck strength and begin to hold their head up on their own. I liked that because I felt like they weren’t quite as delicate and breakable anymore.



Then, usually around the same time, your baby begins to laugh. Is there a better sound in the world than when your own baby laughs? If there is, I don’t think I’ve found it yet. I’m definitely a huge softy when it comes to my kids. My children are both toddlers now and I still love making them laugh, but nothing beats when they first started to chuckle. I can’t help but smile as I write this, just thinking about when Noah and Charlotte laughed. Once we figured out what made them laugh we would do it non-stop, no matter how silly we looked or sounded. I’d make funny faces and weird noises and try tickling them. Whenever it worked, they’re little faces lit up with wide smiles and then goofy giggles followed.


Hearing any baby’s laugh is nice, but when it’s your own baby cracking up it can be a magical moment. Laughter really might be the best medicine.  Just try to be unhappy when you’re baby’s laughing uncontrollably… I dare you.