Two Kids Are Not Twice as Hard as One

For a while I found the idea of having two little kids rather frightening. Sometimes I still do. I had heard that going from one child to two children is the hardest transition. Two kids to three kids, not too bad. Three children to four? Piece of cake.

Ashley and I certainly had our moments with Noah, but for the most part I felt we handled things pretty well for being first-time parents. The fact that we outnumbered him was certainly helpful. If one of us had to do something, go somewhere, need a break, or anything else then the other one took over with Noah. But once that second kid came along that luxury goes away.

If I had to go to the grocery store or simply mow the lawn Ashley was suddenly outnumbered. We went from two adults and one kid to one adult and two kids much of the time. The tides had turned. And having two young children close in age was tough. It wasn’t twice as hard as having one child, it was much more difficult.

I’m certainly hoping that won’t last forever. Friends of mine tell me that once the youngest child is a little older the two of them start playing together and make parenting a little easier. My family is not at that point yet, but I am anxiously awaiting it.