When I first found out Ashley was going to give birth to a boy I was ecstatic. I would have been super excited to have a girl, too, but having a boy first just felt right.

I didn’t know anything about raising a boy or a girl, but I figured it would be easier for me to connect with a little boy than a girl simply because I used to be a little boy. I figured that as he grew up we could watch football together, shoot hoops, build things, and just do guy things. I also hope that he will eventually share some of my favorite interests and want to go hiking and camping with me.


I loved Noah from the start, but our relationship has already changed. We will always be father and son, but around the time Noah started walking and learned to communicate I felt like we started to become buddies.

It didn’t take long before I felt like he was both my son and my best friend. Sure, I talked to him differently than I talked with my wife and best friends that are my age, but when I was with Noah I talked to him all the time. He might not have understood a lot of it when he could barely talk himself, but I think he knew more than I realized.


After Charlotte was born Noah and I grew even closer together. Ashley naturally spent a lot of time with our newborn baby. She was nursing, so she was literally attached to her several times per day. As a result, Noah and I hung out together. Sometimes we took Noelle for a walk or just played outside when it was nice out.

There were countless times when I took Noah with me if I had things to do. He liked to ride in the shopping cart when we went to the grocery store together and he loved trips to the hardware store. He was such a boy. He loved tools, tractors, trucks, motor cycles, construction vehicles, and bacon.



Noah probably drives me crazy at least once per day, but he makes me laugh and smile so much more. I love watching him grow and learn. His personality is constantly evolving.

I feel like I have already learned so much from my little boy. I just hope that as time goes on, I can teach him as much as he teaches me.