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Charlotte goes to preschool (and gets a boyfriend)

Noah is in Kindergarten and even my baby Charlotte is now in school. She has started attending preschool at the same big church that Noah went to. In fact, she has the same teacher Noah had two years ago. She... Continue Reading →


Noah goes back to school

Noah and Charlotte have both begun school at two new schools. It has made for an exciting, interesting, and sometimes stressful September. Charlotte just started preschool and Noah is in Kindergarten now. I can’t believe both of our kids are... Continue Reading →

A Return Trip to the Hidden Valley Animal Adventure

It was a hot Saturday in mid-July when we decided to make a trip out to Hidden Valley Animal Adventure. We went there two years ago with my in-laws and enjoyed it.  We thought our children would like it more... Continue Reading →

Say Cheese Pizza Company and the Comic Book Café

A few weeks ago we made our first visit to Say Cheese Pizza Co. and the Comic Book Café in Grand Island, New York. It is about a 40-minute drive, so you might say it’s an unnecessarily long drive for... Continue Reading →

Fun with Face Paint and Tattoos

My kids absolutely love face paint. It started on our cruise last winter. The cruise staff offered free face painting on a couple of the days we were at sea. Kids lined up by the dozen for this. I had... Continue Reading →

Noah’s First Hike to the Eternal Flame

I recently took Noah on his first hike to Eternal Flame Falls in Chestnut Ridge Park. It’s been a long time coming. It’s definitely my favorite local trail and I’ve been looking forward to hiking there with my son for... Continue Reading →

Our Vacation in the Poconos

We recently returned from a summer vacation in the Poconos. We typically vacation with Ashley’s family, but this time we went on a trip with a bunch of our friends and their children. Altogether there were nine adults and seven... Continue Reading →

A Letter to Teachers

Dear Teachers, Thank you for all that you do. Far too many people criticize teachers these days. I’ve heard complaints that teachers make too much money considering they work short days and have summers off. In reality, the vast majority... Continue Reading →

Noah’s Big Birthday Bonanza

The question I’m going to raise with this post is “How much is too much?” My son, who I often write about on here, just celebrated his fifth birthday. Birthdays for children are huge deals (heck, I still get excited... Continue Reading →

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