Just an Ordinary Man Trying to be an Extraordinary Dad

“I need some PEACE AND QUIET!”

“I need some PEACE AND QUIET!” It’s not me who declared “I need some peace and quiet!” Nope, that was my 3-year-old son, Noah. Sure, I agreed with him, I just didn’t shout it out like he did. Noah can... Continue Reading →

My Weekend as a Single Dad (a Louder, Angrier Dad)

  A couple of weeks ago my wife went away for the weekend. It was my first try at being a single dad.  Noah turns four in July, yet this was the first time that either Ashley or I spent... Continue Reading →

My Summer Bucket List

It's early June so I guess it's time to make a Summer Bucket List.  My list is focused on family-friendly activities, because my wife and I plan on doing as many fun things with our kids this summer as possible. ... Continue Reading →

The True Story Behind Noah’s Imaginary Cat Blah Blah

We were all over at Ashley's parents' house the other night for dinner.  We noticed that their cat hadn't been seen in a little while and figured it must have been outside exploring.  That happens from time to time, but... Continue Reading →

Charlotte Turns Two

Noah got his ride-on tractor (that he absolutely loves) when he turned two years old.  So, naturally we felt Charlotte deserved to get her own ride-on toy for her second birthday.  It took Noah a couple of months to figure... Continue Reading →

Charlotte’s Takes Her First Steps

Charlotte just turned two years old last week.  I decided to go back in time a little ways for this post... I’m always amused by just how different my two children are even at a young age. It seemed like... Continue Reading →

Do all toddlers growl?

Ok people, I have a serious question… do all toddlers growl? I have two children who are currently toddlers.  Charlotte just turned two and Noah will turn four in a couple of months (so I think he still counts as... Continue Reading →

Charlotte’s 10 Favorite Things

Here’s a list of ten of Charlottes favorite things. The list is ever-changing, in fact, I could probably update it just about every day. She just had her birthday, so here’s what our brand new two-year-old absolutely adores right now.... Continue Reading →

Peppa Pig

Are you familiar with Peppa Pig? If you have a toddler at home, you probably know Peppa Pig well. If you don’t have small children you probably have no idea what I’m talking about. And that’s probably for the best.... Continue Reading →

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