Just an Ordinary Man Trying to be an Extraordinary Dad

Our Vacation in the Poconos

We recently returned from a summer vacation in the Poconos. We typically vacation with Ashley’s family, but this time we went on a trip with a bunch of our friends and their children. Altogether there were nine adults and seven... Continue Reading →


A Letter to Teachers

Dear Teachers, Thank you for all that you do. Far too many people criticize teachers these days. I’ve heard complaints that teachers make too much money considering they work short days and have summers off. In reality, the vast majority... Continue Reading →

Noah’s Big Birthday Bonanza

The question I’m going to raise with this post is “How much is too much?” My son, who I often write about on here, just celebrated his fifth birthday. Birthdays for children are huge deals (heck, I still get excited... Continue Reading →

It’s Getting Easier (But Not Easy)

It’s Getting Easier (But Not Easy) Raising two children is no picnic. I’m sure everyone with kids would agree with that (unless they have a full-time nanny). I really cannot fathom having more than two kids. I don’t know how... Continue Reading →

When did I become such an old man?

When did I become an old man? I am 37 years old. I don’t think that’s too old.  I guess back when I was in High School I thought 37 was old, but not anymore.  I certainly hope I will... Continue Reading →

Winter’s Pond

We recently crossed off our first item from our Summer Bucket List. I know it wasn’t even technically summer yet, but that’s ok with me. I consider the start of June as the beginning of summer anyway. If you live... Continue Reading →

Potty Training With Baby #2

Once we had a second child we automatically expected most things to go a little easier than they did with Noah. The main reason is that we had gained valuable experience from our time with our first baby. For the... Continue Reading →

The Back Cover Description for My New Book

My new book, And Then There Were Two: A New Father’s Perspective, should finally be published and released this summer. It’s a memoir about my adventures in fatherhood. It’s a quick and easy read and I hope you’ll check it... Continue Reading →

My 2018 Summer Bucket List

2018 Summer Bucket List It’s even getting hot in Buffalo, so I guess that means it’s almost summer again. I enjoyed crossing things off my Summer Bucket List last year, so I thought I’d do it again this summer. I’m... Continue Reading →

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