Just an Ordinary Man Trying to be an Extraordinary Dad

Potty Training With Baby #2

Once we had a second child we automatically expected most things to go a little easier than they did with Noah. The main reason is that we had gained valuable experience from our time with our first baby. For the... Continue Reading →


The Back Cover Description for My New Book

My new book, And Then There Were Two: A New Father’s Perspective, should finally be published and released this summer. It’s a memoir about my adventures in fatherhood. It’s a quick and easy read and I hope you’ll check it... Continue Reading →

My 2018 Summer Bucket List

2018 Summer Bucket List It’s even getting hot in Buffalo, so I guess that means it’s almost summer again. I enjoyed crossing things off my Summer Bucket List last year, so I thought I’d do it again this summer. I’m... Continue Reading →

Dads Are Parents, too, Not Babysitters

I find it very annoying when I hear people say that a man is babysitting his own children. You’ve probably heard people say the dad is “on babysitting duty for the night” or he’s “going to babysit” so his wife... Continue Reading →

Reasons why the Oasis of the Seas is great for small children

Reasons why the Oasis of the Sea’s is great for small children and a couple ways it “missed the boat”   We cruised on Royal Caribbean’s enormous Oasis of the Sea’s in February. We had our kids, Noah and Charlotte,... Continue Reading →

The Strong National Museum of Play

We recently visited the Strong National Museum of Play. It’s located in downtown Rochester, New York. We live just south of Buffalo, so it took us just under an hour and a half to get there. We’ve been there four... Continue Reading →

My First Time Away From My Kids

  My wife and I recently returned from a weekend trip without our kids. Last year Ashley spent one night away when she went to her cousin’s wedding in Key West.  Despite flying on four planes, she was only gone... Continue Reading →

At what point do you become an adult?

When do you offically become an adult? For some reason I was thinking about this idea recently. It made me try to think about when it was that I began feeling like an adult.  Spoiler alert: I do feel and... Continue Reading →

Cruising the Western Caribbean (with kids) – Part 2 of 2

Click here to read Part 1 Day 5 -Thursday The next day we were back at sea, on our way to Mexico. Despite it being a day at sea, it was a special day for our family.  It was my... Continue Reading →

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