Just an Ordinary Man Trying to be an Extraordinary Dad

My Daughter is an Elderly Woman

My grandmother lives in a nursing home. She is very active there and enjoys the many activities and programs that are offered. She is an impressive 93 years old. I have heard people say that when people are very old... Continue Reading →

The Secret Handshake

Recently Noah and I developed a secret handshake together. It’s very simple, but I also think it’s very awesome. I suppose it’s more the idea of sharing a “cool handshake” with my son that I really like. This is something... Continue Reading →

Noah’s First Funeral

Noah was lucky enough to have three great grandparents at birth. Ashley and I each had one grandmother remaining and Ashley also had one grandfather. Ashley’s grandpa Wayne lived with her parents since we started dating. He was 90 years... Continue Reading →

The Frozen Phenomenon

So, apparently this Disney movie Frozen is a pretty big deal. I know I know, my family is a little late to the party on this one. The movie was released in November of 2013. Noah was all of four... Continue Reading →

Noah’s constantly stinky, forever filthy, and downright disgusting blue blanket

So, Noah’s blue blanket is probably his favorite thing in the world. Either that, his tractor, or chocolate eggs (I’ll get to those another day). His blanket though, is not just something he loves, it’s something he needs (at least... Continue Reading →

Just Like Her Mom

  My daughter Charlotte, now 20 months old, is just like my wife.  You’d think they were twins if Charlotte was taller.  They don’t just look alike though, they act the same.  Even at this young age, I can see... Continue Reading →

Do’s and Don’ts for Disney World with Toddlers

Do’s and Don’ts for Disney World with Toddlers First off, I should probably mention the fact that I spent a mere day and a half in Disney parks on our recent vacation to Florida. We spent a few hours at... Continue Reading →

Disney Trip Part 3: The Magic Kingdom

Here are links to my first two posts about our trip to Disney World: Disney Trip Part 1: The Animal Kingdom Disney Trip Part 2: Disney’s Boardwalk and Disney Springs   When most people think of Disney World they don’t... Continue Reading →

Disney Trip Part 2: Disney’s Boardwalk and Disney Springs

First, you might want to check out Part 1: The Animal Kingdom The day after we went to the Animal Kingdom we enjoyed a rather relaxing morning at our resort. We tried our best to sleep in (which meant sleeping... Continue Reading →

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