Just an Ordinary Man Trying to be an Extraordinary Dad

The Worst Thing About Being a Parent

I really think that being a father is amazing. To me, it defines me more than anything else. Being a parent adds so much to my life. Sure, there are the occasional times when it feels like it adds too... Continue Reading →


Disney does not disappoint

Disney does not disappoint   Disney World is often called the “Happiest place on Earth” and the “Most magical place on earth.” Based on that, you would probably guess that most people have a good time there.  Group me in... Continue Reading →

Will I ever go to the circus again?

Will I ever go back to the Shrine Circus?   I recently took my children to the Shrine Circus. I hadn’t been to the circus in decades, if at all.  I’m pretty sure I went to the circus as a... Continue Reading →

Our Trip to Disney World – Part 3 (Epcot Day)

Disney World – Day 4 (Epcot)   We woke up ready and excited for another day full of Disney fun. Ashley and I showered and we all got dressed and ready for the day.  We got our strollers loaded up... Continue Reading →

Our Trip to Disney World – Part 2 (Magic Kingdom Day)

Disney World – Day 3 (Magic Kingdom)   I’m not going to lie, I woke up excited to go to the Magic Kingdom with my family. All four of us woke up in a good mood.  We swiftly got dressed... Continue Reading →

Our Trip to Disney World – Part 1

Disney World – Day 1 and 2   My family recently returned from a trip to Disney World. We had an amazing time there, which should be no surprise considering it is called the “Happiest place on Earth.” We flew... Continue Reading →

D.I.Y. Dad Projects – Charlotte’s Princess Castle

Over the last couple of years I have developed an interest in simple woodworking and building things. I have a bunch of tools now and while I certainly don’t have all the tools I want, I have enough to tackle... Continue Reading →

What it’s really like cruising with young children

I have been on six cruises in the last eight years and have had my children with me on four of them. My oldest child, Noah, isn’t even six years old.  Four cruises with kids under six?  You must think... Continue Reading →

Highlights from my family’s recent cruise

We recently returned from an enjoyable cruise on Royal Caribbean’s Allure of the Seas. The ship is humungous.  It is part of the largest class of cruise ships in the world and fits close to 9,000 people between the guests... Continue Reading →

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